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National Committee PIARC Slovenia is a non-profit organisation
We are the national representation of the World Road Association PIARC ( We strive for broader international cooperation of traffic and especially road sector.

Our role is twofold
We are pursuing the interests of The Republic of Slovenia in PIARC and on the other side trying to represent and spread the information, results and accomplishments of this association which are stemming from activities of countries from all over the world in the field of traffic and transport.

Slovenia is a member of PIARC assocciation since 1995 and as the First Delegate from the very beginning acts, by his formal position, a director of Slovenian Roads Agency. In search of a more effective cooperation in the year 1999 with the Establishment contract which today comprises around 30 private companies, institutes and individuals.

Its main responsibilities and tasks are:

  • nomination of national rapporteurs for world congresses
  • election and nomination of members of technical committees
  • assembling slovenian delegations for world congresses
  • preparation of reports and expert papers for world congresses
  • proposing new topics for discussions at the world congresses or in technical committees
  • assembling working groups and coordinating slovenian cooperation in technical committees
  • izmenjava informacij, vezanih na cestno gospodarstvo med člani NK PIARC Slovenija in PIARC
  • zagotavljanje neposrednih povezav med člani in odbori ter Izvršnim odborom PIARC-a
  • promoting the work of WRA-PIARC assocciation
  • cooperation with other institutions and assocciations on national as well as international level


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