NC PIARC Slovenia is a non-profit organisation

Besides annual membership fees our operation is enabled also by sponsorship funds of the companies and organisations which we present in this section. Below you can see the list of our sponsors and donators with links to their home webpages.

We thank all of our sponsors and are very grateful for their support to our assocciation.

Advertising material

Advertising materials are published in the order of arrival.

Become a sponsor

Are you considering of becoming our sponsor? In the NC PIARC Slovenia we will be grateful for any additional financial support that you may decide to give us.

The procedure is very simple, you just follow two steps below and of course we are always ready to help you with any questions, explanations etc.

First step: What do we do at NC PIARC Slovenia?
Read more about our assocciation, our activities, etc...

Second step: Sponsorship contract
Download and read the Sponsorship contract.

Third step: Contact us
Call us or write us an email (, and tell us about your decision of sponsoring NC PIARC Slovenia. As our Sponsorship contract is in Slovene language, you will be invited to our office to go through it or have it translated. Then we will invite you to sign the contract and we will agree on our obligations to you.

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