Something about us in short

NC PIARC Slovenia operates as a national representation of world road assocciation WRA-PIARC in Slovenia. We strive for broader connection of road and transport science in Slovenia and across the world, exchange of expert knowledge and literature and we support the work of our experts at home and abroad.

Our members are Slovenian companies and institutes that operate in roads and traffic sector. According to the rules of the head association WRA-PIARC they are designated as collective members. Individual experts, employed in these institutions, get involved in the actual work in technical committees of PIARC assocciation. Companies cover the membership fees and the expenses of their international cooperation. Howevere, every year we also try to cover certain part of the expenses.

You can read more about the begginings of our national committe, our members and activities in section Presentation and Our members, but if you are interested in the organization of the association, you can look at the Establishment contract NK PIARC Slovenia.

The benefits of being a member of NC PIARC Slovenia

By joining our national committee or for that matter the main assocciation WRA-PIARC you will join other slovenian and foreign experts that operate in the field of roads and traffic and pursue slovenian interests in the intrnational community. Amongst other things you will benefit from these next opportunities:

  • access to latest information about the development of roads and traffic science around the world (opportunity for companies to access and implement actual latest knowledge in its business – competitive advantage),
  • possibility to attend and cooperate on: seminars, congresses, workshops, technical committees and on international research projects of world class format in the field of roads and traffic (exchange of knowledge is an opportunity to directly contribute to the development of international expertise and gaining important and useful information),
  • cooperation with leading organisations in the field of roads and traffic means a lot of opportunities for contacts and business connections with partners from abroad,
  • lower fees for attending world class conferences and WRA-PIARC road congresses (possibility of partial reimbursement of travel expenses), and
  • free access to expert literature of WRA-PIARC assocciation and certain slovenian publications.

You are welcome to join us!

Becoming a member

In order to join us you must be either a slovenian company or resident, or you can be a foreign company, based in slovenia. In that case the joining procedure is very simple. Please contact us and than you will:

First: fill in the Application form..

Second: send the Application form by regular mail or to the email adress and pay the annual membership fee.

Collective members: annual membership fee
500 €

By that you will become a full member of our slovenian assocciation NC PIARC Slovenia, you will be assigned a membership number which we will save in the secretariat (for safety reasons).

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