29/03/2018 New special working group TF B.2
The WRA-PIARC General Secretariat announced the formation of a new special working group "Task force B.2 Automated vehicles: challenges and opportunities for road operators and road authorities". The group is expected to start work in July 2018 and end in September 2020. Below is a description of the activities planned in the group and an invitation to nominate members. The WRA-PIARC warns that countries should nominate only members who are experts or work in this field and that they should be really ready for active participation. The application for nomination must be accompanied by a short CV of the candidate and references to his work.

If you would like to nominate a candidate for this working group, send his contact details with a short CV to the secretariat of NK PIARC Slovenia sekretariat@nc-piarc.si no later than Friday, April 20, 2018. The official appointment of a candidate to the General Secretariat is then carried out by the Secretariat of NK PIARC Slovenia on behalf of the First Delegate of Slovenia.

Invitation to nominate candidates for members
Description of planned group activities