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Members of our assocciation are diverse. Considering that we are a national representation of world class assocciation PIARC, first and foremost member is the government of the Republic of Slovenia, namely the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia, and on its behalf Slovenian Roads Agency, responsible for managing state roads. Members numbers have varied over the years but are now for some time around 30. Below you can see the list of companies, organisations and individuals, currently members of NC PIARC Slovenia:

  • Government of the Republic of Slovenia
  • Companies
  • Faculties
  • Institutes
  • Honorary members
Government of the Republic of Slovenia

Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian Roads Agency

Slovenian Roads Agency is a body within the Ministry of Infrastructure. It carries out administrative, technical, developmental and organisational tasks for construction, maintenance and protection of main and regional roads and is providing free freight and passenger road transport.
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CESTEL d.o.o.
Company was established in 1992 as a result of reorganisation of a former private company Elektronika Brozovič. We are maintaining and calibrating electronic scales of axial pressure, measuring axis loads, total weight and other dimensions of freight vehicles and since 2005 we are also controlling special cargo transportation in Slovenia.We are a leading, world manufacturer in the field of bridging systems for drive-through vehicle weighing.
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Cestno podjetje Ptuj, d.d.
Cestno podjetje Ptuj d.d. is a private company, dealing with high and low constructions, maintaining of roads and other road assets, special purpose and other transport services. We are providing our services with quality and care for the environment, avoiding unnecessary risks for our employees, partners and customers.
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CPK, d.d., družba za vzdrževanje cest, gradbeništvo in druge poslovne storitve
Company provides good driving conditions on 581 kilometers of state and 1025 kilometers of local roads. They operate in the area of Municipality of Piran, Izola, City municipality of Koper, Hrpelje-Kozina, Divača, Sežana, Komen, Postojna, Pivka and Ilirska Bistrica, where they also provide winter service. Company is successfully expanding its main activity also to civil construction.
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CVP inženiring, gradbeništvo in storitve d.o.o.
This is a young, privately owned company, established recently in 2011. We have registered more activities in the field of civil construction and various construction works on roads.
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DARS Družba za avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji, d.d.
DARS was established in order to organise and lead the construction and renovation of highways, carries out financial engineering (as a state agent) and maintains and manages Slovenian highways (as a consessionaire). DARS currently manages and maintains together around 606 km of highways and motorways, 161 km of connections and 27 km of resting places along these roads.
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DRI upravljanje investicij, Družba za razvoj infrastrukture, d.o.o.
It is the biggest engineering and consultant company in Slovenia that organizes and leads investments from inception to its realisation; everything from preparation, design, construction, maintenance and management of all types of infrastructure.
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ELEA iC d.o.o. Projektiranje in svetovanje
It is the largest interdisciplinary contractor of engineering and copyright services in Slovenia. We are also very good at seeking sustainable answers to modern questions of construction, living, transportation, communication and ecology.
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Gorenjska gradbena družba d.d.
Besides constructing all sorts of road infrastructure, carrying out winter and summer maintenance of roads, we also take care of development, production and selling various types of asphalt and concrete mixtures, gravel and other chrashed aggregates. We are designing and planning different structures, manufacturing metal constructions, we are producing and painting pavement markings and carry out asphalt, concrete and other aggregate analyses. We are also involved in transportation services.
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Kolektor Cestno podjetje Nova Gorica, družba za vzdrževanje in gradnjo cest, d.o.o.
Kolektor CPG d.o.o. operates on four main areas, complementary to the company Kolektor Koling d.o.o.: production, construction, maintenance and service. They have upgraded their core activity from its beginnings in 1962 (regular maintenance and construction of road network in northern Primorska region) up to today with various business activities and construction of all types of structures. They combine these activities in technical, promotional and legally-economic sense in 7 units: low and high constructions, building materials, road maintenance, mechanics, quality control, work organization and design, and geodetics.
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MEBLO SIGNALIZACIJA Nova Gorica, Prometna signalizacija d.o.o.
A company designes and manufactures traffic signs in accordance with the SIST EN 12899:2008 standard and longterm cooperation with the manufacturer of reflective foils 3M ensures their products with the required reflective capabilities throughout their lifetime. Company offers comprehensive services ranging from desinging, manufacturing to the installation of traffic signs.
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NEKS, družba za inženiring in meritve, d.o.o.
Company has long term experiences in the field of road maintenance, safety and traffic signage. Using state of the art instruments they are carrying out quality and accredited tests of road equipment and surface. They are also cooperating with leading domestic and foreign companies and experts from their field.
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OMEGA CONSULT projektni management, d.o.o., Ljubljana
Is a client oriented company that is operating in the fields of research and consultant activities and providing information systems. Company employes experts with differing educational backgrounds so the company's strategy is comprehensive and at the same time problem oriented towards the client.
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Petrič d.o.o.
Road safety, noise absorbing and wind-deflecting fences are the core speciality of this company. In the last years they are also producing larger metal constructions such as footbridges and bridges. By themselves they are also manufacturing elements for road fences and other equipment, necessary for safe road traffic. In their very high quality workshop they offer laser cutting, robotic welding and other demanding processing of sheet metal.
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POMGRAD-CESTNO PODJETJE, d.d. Družba za gradnjo in vzdrževanje cest
Company is dealing with various activities among others wholesale of motorized vehicles, woods, construction materials and sanitary equipment, hard, liquid and gas fuels, maintenance of motorized vehicles, construction of roads, railways, airports and sports infrastructure, general construction works,road freight transport, spatial and urban planning, etc.
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Signaco d.o.o.
Company's main business is manufacturing and selling of traffic signalization with the intention of enhancing road safety. One of the core values of the company is providing high enough quality of products that can withstand heavy climatic conditions and other physical strain. Their traffic and other signage is compliant with all legal demands for traffic signage and other traffic equipment on public roads. Products are made of quality corrosion resistant and environmentally acceptable materials from renowned suppliers.
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Val plastika d.o.o.
Main area of operation of Valplastika company is the manufacture of road safety products. Their main products are delineators, delineators with integrated snow poles, self-standing marking pole and other accessories for optimal visibility and functionality. The products are CE certificated, which are a result of constant quality control. The company has, at its disposal, a high quality machine pool for blow moulding and extruding plastic masses and an entirely automated line for product blowing.
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ZMAS SI d.o.o.
Young and fast-growing company is dealing with traffic equipment from 2008, in the fields of traffic signs and road markings. They are also working on tourist boards and signs. Their experiences and references prove that they are very successful in achieving their set goals. Company has been working on several projects with slovenian municipalities Brežice, Krško, Sevnica, Šmarje pri Jelšah etc., where they prepared and carried out visual communication systems (routing blades) as part of a system for tourist boards and signs.
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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture
Faculty of Architecture is commonly regarded as one of the best central european architectural schools. Its qualitative level is confirmed by many successfull students and graduates that are achieving enviable results at home and abroad as well as a quality teaching staff which also efficiently covers all modern aspects of architectural creation.
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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Fundamental mission of the faculty is research and education in the fields of civil construction, energetics, mechanics, geodetic engineering, hydrology and environmental protection. Scientific research work of the faculty combines basic, applicative and developmental research work that enables fast transfer of results in everyday practice.
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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
Faculty performs scientific research and educational activities mainly in the field of maritime studies and transport. We operate in the fields of systems theory, theory of management and exploitation of transport infrastructure, technology and organisation of transport, transport logistics, economics and traffic safety, etc. Faculty has also over 30 cooperation agreements with foreign faculties, mostly from EU.
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Gradbeni inštitut ZRMK d.o.o.
We are operating in the field of civil construction in Slovenia as well as abroad. We are a modern and developmentally oriented institute working mainly in the fields of materials, constructions in civil buidling, living environment, construction physics, energetics in buildings, geotechnics, engineering geology and roads.
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Igmat d.d., Inštitut za gradbene materiale
Is the largest privately owned institute, registered for analysis and certification of building materials in Slovenia. We are employing around 50 highly qualified experts with many years of experiences. Our central laboratory is in Ljubljana and some smaller laboratories are operating at major construction sites all over Slovenia.
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Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute
Is the central Slovenian institution for civil construction. We are an independent, non-profit and impartial institutionfor testing and certification of quality of building products. At its developmental and research activities ZAG cooperates with numerous domestic and foreign institutes, faculties and similar institutions.
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Honorary members

g. Anton Šajna
BSc in civil engineering, retired

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